Le Bergamote Patisserie

As a continuation to my  “Coffee Tales”, I am happy to present you with the second chapter, this time at Le Bergamote Patisserie, enjoy!

Le Bergamote Patisserie was originally discovered by my boyfriend (he claims the rights for ‘Le Grianne’ as well, but there’s an ongoing discussion on the topic- he did not!) and till this very day it remains among our favorites,  and if you ever met him in person you’ll know exactly why…

There’s a certain aristocratic charm to this cafe, the decor is very clean yet very French, dressed in dark wood and accented by a vintage drawing on the main wall. Here, you’ll never hear people speak loudly, or kids running around, or for that matter anything that might displease you’re experience of rich coffee and the perfect bite of French pastry. There’s a harmony that lures you to simply calm down, and leave the rest of the world outside. I have so many delightful memories from this cafe, and hopefully many more to come…

I also discovered, from the “tour” I took on ‘Le Bergamote’s’ web-site that the owners have recently opened a restaurant in Clinton, NYC. After browsing through their Brunch menu, I have a strong feeling I’ll be paying it a visit soon!

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at the cafe…

Also, in the health spirit that keeps on taking over NYC like a storm, there’s a broad selection of the most adorable mini-tartes, indulgence minus the guilt! You can’t say no to that…

Thank you to Matt Borkowski for accompanying me and capturing so lovely…

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