The Little Black Dress

The weather in New York was kinda Kooky in the past week, and last weekend was practically a full on summer day. Slightly confused (since I just packed away most of my summer wardrobe) I was facing the eternal question- what should I wear??? The Little Black Dress has never failed me before and this one is one of my favorite Vintage finds ever, and for this sunny day I was feeling sort of festive (I LOVE bright days!) and tied one of my more iconic vintage scarfs around my bun…

Head to tow Vintage (well… almost. The shoes are by Theory). And how cute is this  tiny beaded purse??? (talking about re-defining small “bags”) It fits a lipstick and my keys only, who needs a cell-phone in that outfitt anyway?

Photos by Eric Scott that keeps on snapping simply magical images (previously seen here, here & here…)

“Like Jewelry to a Room”

So… After contemplating pros & cons as for my relocation (see chapter 1 here…), I’ve bravely decided to declare on a move-out date. I’ve realized that I’m in dire need of more space and not only because of my ever-expanding collection of material possessions (mostly wearable…) but also for a little bit more breathing room, for me… I strongly believe that one needs a certain amount of space to create, to thrive upon new ideas, to be calm and by the end of the day to feel at home… And this my friends, is far from being remotely easy living in Manhattan, but hey, I feel like I’ve earned it and I’m for the challenge of finding the perfect space.

And on that note, I’ll leave you with a few colorful and oh so inspiring spaces by Kelly Wearstler , a renowned American designer known for her Enchanting take on interiors and luxury lifestyle…

And by the way, she is a stunner!

And if you ask me, Kelly is as inspiring and captivating as her interiors, for much more elegantly flawless interiors and an interview with Kelly click here.

Images via

Spark My Imagination

streetfsn by Nam

Just in case you haven’t quite notices yet, I’m a huge fan of (quality) streetstyle photography and I’m always excited to discover someone who will make me stop and stare, someone who will take a picture not only perfectly composed or at the right light exposure but one that will also spark my imagination. The ones that make you curious (or in my case, completely fascinated) by the subjects of their “craft” are the real talents in what seems to be an ever-expanding niche in the photography world today. I think it’s not as easy as some might think. I mean, sure the committed among them travel the world and have the most beautiful and stylish people at the tip of their lenses, but they also have just seconds to snap the perfect shot with sometimes very little control of what’s around them…  So here are a few of my favorites from Paris Fashion week, captured by STREETFSN (by Nam).

streetfsn by Nam

streetfsn by Nam

streetfsn by Nam

streetfsn by Nam

streetfsn by Nam

streetfsn by Nam

The Big Picture {Jean-Days}

The idea for this post first came to me while I was talking to a friend couple of weeks ago. We were discussing style and I said I feel more “classic” in my core. She smiled and said: “Sais the girl with the Ramones T-shirt’ and I guess then I realized I’m not quite seeing the whole picture, and as a result- not showing you… And I suppose it’s important to me, because wearing jeans and running out of the house with almost no make up on is part of life.

So… The truth is, most days I do look a lot like this, with my hair carefully combed up into a bun, playing dress-up with my latest Vintage finds (and I do enjoy it quite a bit!) But sometimes I honestly don’t have the time, and I run out with my hair left to the mercy of the universe, with a pair of jeans and an old cut-out T-shirt that I had for ages (I don’t think I’ll ever let this one go…) And I guess we all have these days and – I guess it’s Okay.

Jeans by The Local Firm ,Ramones T-shirt, Gifted Sunnies,Leather Jacket from Kenneth Cole, Vintage belt, Bracelets Vintage, thriffted, gifted and H&M…

Photos by Greg Adams

Surrender The Freja

My Birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks and I’ve been toying with the idea of spoiling myself with a brand new tattoo, and who if not Freja I’ll be searching for some (bony) inspiration. Freja has become almost identified as an “ink-muse” showcasing her gracefully scribbled commitments on the runway and in various ads… What can I say? She’s ridiculously skinny and if there’s a girl that can pull of (I recently read) 16 tattoos and still remain so fragaily divine – she must be (evidently) it…

I doubt that I’ll drop about 20 pounds in the next couple weeks (…) or beat her numbers (as I do, up till today, have “only” three…) but for now, I’ll join the list of what seems like ever-expanding numbers of bloggers admiring “The Freja”

{ I do realize that the last image has no tattoos in it, but I honestly couldn’t resist it }


The Girl With The Bun {Beauty Tutorial #3}

So… It’s been a while since I last shared some beauty secrets, but no worries, I haven’t forgotten my promise and I’m thrilled I finally found the time for the 3rd beauty tutorial!

You’ve probably figured out by now, that I’m the kind of girl that prefers her hair up, say 90% of the time! I mean, what can I say, it’s quick and most importantly keeps my hair out of my way when I run around at yet another crazy day… So, for this tutorial, I’ll share with you the tips and tricks from my beauty experts (read more about the A-List Girls here & here), for both hair – how to perfect the bun?! And make up -how to achieve that perfectly drawn eyeliner?!

Shall we?

For the BUN, the secret is AIR. You didn’t see that one coming ha? The trick is, after you pull your hair into a high pony-tail, “fluf-up” the hair with air, while your head is up-side down. And THEN when it’s all airy and much more full looking, you gently twist your hair in a bun and secure it with boby-pins in a discreet way… You see, I was always tightening it too much…

About the Make-Up… Most make-up artists I worked with in the past month will testify that I’ve been absolutely obsessed with the black eye-liner! I mean, it’s such an iconic look and let’s face it- quite flattering for most gals out there.

So when I asked Angela what product does she use to get the perfect line, she said it’s actually a combination of two- both gel and liquid. First, to create the general shape you apply the gel liner (with a special pointy brush, you can get either at Sephora or practically in every pharmacy) and later you frame it with the more precise liquid liner. And for us beginners there’s also the correction phase… Nothing to be ashamed of! Sometimes even the most experiences make-up artists use the Q-tip to perfect and correct!

As for the bright lip- in case you were wandering- we used Impassioned by MAC.

Hope you like the end-result!

Photos by Andy Bae, Hair by Sara Ashanti and make up by Angela Wang.


After witnessing a loud beer party that’s been going on in the back yard of my Manhattan building last night, the thoughts about moving to a more proper (and beer free) sanctuary came pounding on my door this morning.

I’ve done a lot of moving in the past couple years of my life, and quite honestly a bit more than I wish too… Ever since I held a key to an apartment that I can call my own, a home, my home symbolized to me much more than just a place where I can get my sleep for the night. A place where every detail was though out, every room has its own purpose in the grand plan of making me feel at ease, letting me “be” in the way I want to, in the way I can…

And since I’ve moved to the States it’s been harder to maintain these spaces- that became more difficult to turn into “my own”. Lately I’ve been day dreaming about the moment I’ll step into my home and feel there’s nothing temporary about it, that I’m here to stay….I guess in moments like these, the blogosphere is the perfect place to seek inspiration and keep ones spirits high. Welcome to a mini tour in one of the most desirable apartments in New York City- recently covered by The Coveteur girls- The Glamourai’s private residence…

Images via both The Coveteur & The Glamourai

Naked Sofas {Eldad Carin}

This is the first post of many more to come about my dearest and closest friends- that also happen to be ridiculously talented…

I met Eldad on a smoky, dark setting of a bar. I was one of the “beer-serving-eye-candy” girls and he was one of the regulars. Our paths rarely crossed, he would get his liquid supply from the bar and I would sway through the tables, handing out flirty smiles and shots of whiskey… Back in the day, he was this tall and handsome (still handsome), dread-locked guy (minus the dreadlocks…), that I have never really spoke to, until, a mutual friend introduced us, mentioning Eldad is a photographer, and a very good one indeed. I was already modeling at the time, but strangely enough our first collaboration was for a completely noncommercial purpose, it was a gift, for a boyfriend that has just moved to the other side of the planet (also known as Australia).

Looking back on our first shoot together, the entire “operation” was kind of obscure. The make up artist bailed on us last-minute (which we had to establish by her absence on set…) and for my 1″ long coif, a hair-stylist was never invited, it was just the two of us, a whole lot of equipment and one leather sofa, casually standing alone at one of the corners of that huge studio… No assistants, no “beauty-army”, four hands and one single lens.

I really don’t know why exactly, but since we did- first talk- I simply knew I can trust Eldad, and so I did, never looking back. Since that shoot in downtown Tel-Aviv, in a stretch of 6 years ,we’ve collaborated on countless projects, growing together, learning as we go and changing hats along the way… At our final collaboration before my move to the States, we were shooting on location ,and a pretty awesome one too! It was a deserted old building, and the entire team had to squeeze through a hole in the wall to get in, the generator didn’t fit, so we left it outside… We were exchanging secret glances with each other, thinking of how long of a way we did, since that first time… This shoot was one of three we did for my design portfolio. This time I wasn’t the model anymore, it was the second time in my life I had actually hired someone (the lovely Aelia Shusterman, that I happen to “discover” in the grocery-store! No less…) so I can oversee the process from “the outside” of the set…

The images below were never published before… I hope you find them as alluring as I do…

See the rest of the shots from this day here

Now that I live in NYC and Eldad is in Tel-Aviv, we don’t get to work together as much as we’d like, but I have a strong feeling that our journey together is far from being over, and hopefully soon enough I’ll be posting away more images produced by one of the most dedicated and talented photographers I’ve encountered.

To explore more of Eldad’s work, go here. (Let’s see if you can recognize me in our earlier collaborations!)

Shiny Stripes

Pardon me for neglecting my CHIC duties these past two days, but I do have a perfect excuse! I had some last-minute bookings, which is great, even though it got me running around the clock (even more than usual…) and costing me in a sore back (did anyone said massage???) but honestly complaining is really not part of the equation – just sharing!

So… I feel like I haven’t done a ‘Proper Attire’ post for ages! Finally… A new sweater to brag with and a new(ish) woven leather purse- you probably guessed – Vintage  of course…

Sunnies by KISS, Thrifted black teniss skirt, Sweater from Forever21, Vintage leather belt, Jewelry {how cute is that dear necklace???} and Watches. Shoes by Hard Hearted Harlot.

Photos by Greg Adams