“Like Jewelry to a Room”

So… After contemplating pros & cons as for my relocation (see chapter 1 here…), I’ve bravely decided to declare on a move-out date. I’ve realized that I’m in dire need of more space and not only because of my ever-expanding collection of material possessions (mostly wearable…) but also for a little bit more breathing room, for me… I strongly believe that one needs a certain amount of space to create, to thrive upon new ideas, to be calm and by the end of the day to feel at home… And this my friends, is far from being remotely easy living in Manhattan, but hey, I feel like I’ve earned it and I’m for the challenge of finding the perfect space.

And on that note, I’ll leave you with a few colorful and oh so inspiring spaces by Kelly Wearstler , a renowned American designer known for her Enchanting take on interiors and luxury lifestyle…

And by the way, she is a stunner!

And if you ask me, Kelly is as inspiring and captivating as her interiors, for much more elegantly flawless interiors and an interview with Kelly click here.

Images via kellywearstler.com