Simply Irresistible

So… I’ve been a terrible blogger lately, I know… But I must say, one should always prioritize and I’ve been doing just that. I think that the past month was some sort of a test from a higher force to see just how many tasks will I be able to juggle at once. You know, It really never sees to amaze me how incredibly rich life can be at times, how large the spectrum of the choices one can make and the opportunities that lay ahead…  I feel very lucky to be serounded by (for the lack of a better word) amazing people, that are not only ridiculously talented but also kind and intelligent… I can honestly say that this past week (no matter how physically and emotionally tasking it was) I was truly inspired and not only by the aesthetic outcome  but also on a human level…

Now, besides the joy of actually submitting everything on time I am beyond excited to tell you about a new collaboration of a slightly different nature… After a long correspondence with a company based in Israel I am now officially part of the design team of a new product that will be sold in the U.S… Funny enough I was originally introduced to the owner of the company as a model, potentially portraying the essence of the brand… I can’t tell you (or show you) much more at this point from confidentiality reasons but I promise you’ll be the first to know once it hits the stores!

And now, with your permission- some fashion… I’m a huge fan of simple and sexy (especially when there are shorts involved…), and I think Magdalena is simply irresistible in this editorial. Shot by Lachlan Bailey for Vogue Paris (April 2012)

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Perfectly Naughty

I don’t know why but over the years my mom and I formed this tradition of searching together for the perfect lacy treasures, but every visit with no fail we go through the same boutiques at the same order and review the goods… Personally, I find the lingerie quest quite tricky these days since there are so many new materials put to use and the consequences are both appealing and discouraging and it takes a good eye to choose the ones that manage to carry on the soft allure of proper, silky lingerie…

LOVE the bow-bra, how genius is that??? Magdalena for Numero… Found here

Never Say Never

I find it kinda funny that somehow Magdalena ends up being in the background of all my personal confessions here but nonetheless, after some pondering and following my moral code of avoiding “web-pretends”, I’ve decided to share…

The truth is that New-Years ,like my Birthdays, in addition to the joy of anticipation, opening presents and celebrating a fresh start of a new year, carry some sort of intensity for me. It’s a point in time that calls for evaluation and quite a bit of pondering the things I’ve accomplished and those that managed to escape my web of concurs and were postponed for the following year… As for the title of this post, these past few months were a period of some spiritual exploration (I lock my teeth while I write this, PLEASE don’t get me wrong, no, I did not go all ‘new age’ on you…) and flipping through a fair amount of crisp pages in a journey to collect as much vital “artillery” as I can … And one of my conclusions so far, was the fact that sometimes, one needs to say ‘never again’. Mistakes are to be debated with a tad of philosophical though, since some make us who we are and teach us invaluable lessons that we carry through life, but once those learned, there is absolutely no point re-visiting them again.

Enjoy Magdalena for Vogue Germany, shot by Ben Hassett.

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Magdalena {Got The Blues}

So, since I have absolutely no idea how to start this post, I’ll just cut to the chase. After a considerable amount of contemplation and a whole month of trying to mask the issue (which got me exactly nowhere, except sick. twice), I’ve decided to finally confess. I’ve got the blues. And whether I like it or not, it’s here to stay for a while longer. Since wallowing in despair doesn’t quite fit the definition of CHIC, I’ll save you the details and only say that dealing with a real loss is never easy, and as I have no further ideas except probably the most worn out cliché of “only time will heal” you seemed to be destined to go through that with me…

I wonder if Magdalena ever has “The Blues?”

Vogue Paris November 2011, Images via tfs.